Picture of Matt Lewis Allen

I am a writer and a book coach. Over the last ten years I have been learning how to tell a good story. In the last year I have been working to become an Author Accelerator certified book coach. I have one more practicum to complete before submitting for certification.

A year ago I finished my job as a software engineer and decided to focus on writing and book coaching. It is not the first time I have made such a change. For ten years I worked as a maths teacher and head of department before deciding to use my computer science degree to write software. During all this time, however, I have held onto a dream to tell great stories.

My Passion

When I was at school a fantastic English teacher encouraged me to write a fantasy story. Although I never finished it, I did write the longest story I had managed so far. My teacher loved it and submitted it for a radio station competition. Most of the entrants were much older but I was given a special mention and invited to the presentation day. I read my story which was recorded onto a reel-to-reel tape and played on the radio.

When it came time to choose my subjects I had to decide between following the arts or the sciences. My parents had been generous and foresighted enough to buy me and my brother our first computer, a Sinclair ZX-81with a wobbly ram pack. I had taught myself to program and decided I would study computer science at university so chose sciences for A levels.

Over the years I never lost my passion for story. I love reading and usually have a few books on the go. At various times I have tried my hand at writing. Recently I have found an outlet for some of my short plays with a friend’s theatre company Dionysus Theatre.

Ten years ago I started to learn everything I could about telling a great story. I read books, did courses and kept reading. Last year I finished my contract as a software engineer and instead of looking for the next one, I decided to take a course with Author Accelerator to learn how to coach people to write their books. I am close to completing that course.

My Goals

I have two aims: to write books that I want to read and to help others to write the books they want to read.

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